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Having failed to sell at previous auctions, the Brewing Machinery and Plant of the Eagle Brewery in Queen Street, Devonport, was offered for sale again at an auction organised on behalf of Mr B A Leatherby by Messrs Peter Hamley and Sons on Tuesday October 18th 1921 at 11am.

The equipment listed included: Valuable Cornish boiler, 14 feet by 6 feet 6 inches, by Messrs Thomas Hill and Sons, of Manchester, working pressure 100lbs; a vertical boiler, 8 feet by 4 feet, working pressure 75lbs; a 10 horse-power horizontal steam engine; cedars wood, slate, and cast iron rounds and squares; steam motor bottle washing machine; vertical donkey pumps; copper refrigerator; copper coil; barley grinding mill; malt screen; double and single purchase winches; mash tun; galvanised riveted tanks; hand corking machines; barrel horses; bottling tables; about 200 hogsheads, barrels, kilderkins, firkins, and pins; 2 quarters malt; 10 pockets of Worcester, Oregon, and Alsace hops, in prime condition; 2 barrels finings; quantity new staves, chives, hoops, corks, bungs, rings, etc.; bottle baskets; platform and sack weighing machines; endless chain blocks; engineers', coopers' and other tools; sack trucks; hydrometer; sacchometers; thermometers; slide rules; dipping rods; two very useful horses; van; two trolleys; spring cart; 3 sets nearly new harness; Number 5 Yost typewriter; scrap brass and iron; stable utensils; etc., etc.