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Subject to the approval of Devonport Borough Council, the following pay scales were to be introduced to the Devonport Borough Police Force from March 31st 1904.

Chief Constable, from 280 to 300 per annum.

Chief Inspector Mutton, from 135 4s to 137 16s by one shilling per week.

Inspector Clarke, from 123 2s to 127 12s, by one shilling per week.

Inspector Willcocks and Detective-Inspector Down 111 16s to 125, by one shilling per week.

Sergeant Moore, 2 2s per week.

Sergeants Pascoe, Lethbridge, May, Webber, Rundle. and Wallis, 2 per week.

Sergeant Voss, 1 18s to 2 per week, by one shilling a week.

To Constables on appointment and after one year, 1 3s 6d; after two tears, 1 5s 2d; three years, 1 6s 10d; four years, 1 7s 11d; five years, 1 9s; six years, 1 1 10s 1d; seven years, 1 11s 2d; eight and nine years, 1 12s 3d; ten and eleven years,  1 12s 10d; twelve years, 1 13s 6d.  In addition to the above, members of the merit class will continue to receive 1s 2d per week, and those eligible for the reserve class one shilling per week per annum for five years.

The Council were also recommended to grant all officers after 25 years service an allowance as lodging money: namely, Inspectors Mutton, Clarke, and Willcocks, and Sergeant Moore, four shillings per week respectively, and all other Sergeants, one shilling per week.