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In 1878 Stoke Damerel Branch Post Office was also a Money order Office and  a Savings Bank.

It was located at the drapery business run by Mr Thomas Jeffrey, who was also Post Master, at number 18 Tavistock Street, Stoke.  Royal Mail was despatched to the General Post Office at Devonport at 8.45am, 12.55pm, 6pm and at 9pm on weekdays and at only 6pm on Sundays.  The Money Order and Savings Bank were open from 9am until 5pm on weekdays, extended until 8pm on Saturdays.


In 1889 the Stoke Damerel Branch Post Office was also a Money Order Office, a Savings Bank, an Annuity and Insurance Office and a Telegraph Office.

It was located at number 18 Tavistock Road, Stoke, Devonport, in the drapery shop belonging to the Misses Elizabeth Jeffery and Elizabeth Trant.

Letters were collected at 8.45am, 11.15pm, 1.05pm, 2.25pm, 4.35pm, 6.30pm, 7.20pm and at 9.10pm.  There was only one collection on a Sunday, at 6pm.

Delivery of letters from the General Post Office at Fore Street, Devonport, commenced at 7am and then at 12 Midday, 3.15pm, 5.30pm and 8.30pm.  On Sundays only the first delivery was made.