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In 1751 Mr Andrew Kinsman started to spread the Word at Plymouth-Dock by securing a room in a house in Queen Street in which to hold meetings.   This became known as the Lower Room a few years later when a new chapel, which became the Higher Room, was erected in Granby Street.  This was the first dissenting chapel to be erected in what was to become Devonport.  Kinsman moved to Devonport in 1771.

When Mr George Whitefield visited Plymouth-Dock in 1746 he preached in what was known as the Higher Room in Granby Street.  In 1801 those premises were replaced by the brand new Princes Street Congregational Chapel.  

In 1932 the Princes Street Congregational Chapel in the centre of Devonport was closed down following the realisation that it was badly placed to serve the population of the newer areas to the north.  It was replaced the following year by the Whitefield Congregational Chapel in Saint Levan Road.