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The route of the British Railways' Western Region main line through Old Devonport in 1955 was as follows:

Brown lettering indicates GWR/Western Region origins.
Green lettering indicates LSWR/SR/Southern Region origins.
Milepost Mileage is from London Paddington Station via Bristol Temple Meads
Stations in use in 1955 are in CAPITAL LETTERS
Block posts (Signal Boxes) in use in 1955 are shown in
bold lettering

246m 64ch - PLYMOUTH STATION, 5mph speed restriction. 

247m 00ch - Plymouth Millbay Signal Box.

247m 22ch - Cornwall Junction Signal Box and junction with original South Devon Railway Company line from Totnes.

247m 31ch - Stonehouse Pool Viaduct.

247m 40ch - Cornwall Loop Junction, and junction with through line from North Road Plymouth Station.

247m 42ch - 75mph speed restriction.

247m 51ch - Devonport Junction and Devonport Junction Signal Box, junction with BRSR route from Tavistock.

247m 64ch - Site of Wingfield Villas Halt.

247m 70ch - 30mph speed restriction board.

248m 28ch - DEVONPORT (ALBERT ROAD) STATION To go to Devonport Albert Road Station page and access to Devonport Goods Depot (Valletort Road).

248m 33ch - Devonport Station Signal Box.

248m 36½ch - Devonport Tunnel begins.

248m 42ch - Devonport Tunnel ends.

248m 60ch - DOCKYARD HALT For more detailed information about Dockyard Halt  and 75mph speed restriction.

248m 68ch - Keyham Viaduct.

248m 79ch - Site of Ford Platform/Halt For more information about Ford Platform/Halt

249m 24ch - KEYHAM STATION To go to Keyham Station  and goods yard.

249m 30ch - Keyham Station Signal Box To go to Keyham Station Signal Box

Keyham Junction, access to the Royal Naval Barracks and the Dockyard Railway.

249m 45ch - Weston Mill Viaduct, known locally as "Shakey Bridge".

250m 00ch - Saint Budeaux East Signal Box, access to Government Bull Point Branch.

250m 15ch - SAINT BUDEAUX (FERRY ROAD) STATION.  For more information about Saint Budeaux Ferry Road Station

250m 39ch - Saint Budeaux West Signal Box.

250m 60ch - 15mph speed restriction.

250m 64ch - Royal Albert Bridge Signal Box.

Royal Albert Bridge.

251m 23ch - 35mph speed restriction.

251m 26ch - SALTASH STATION and Saltash Signal Box.