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Bragg's Alley was a narrow thoroughfare that ran between Catherine Street and Dock Wall Street.  After entering from Catherine Street, Jenn's Court was first on the left and then number 1 Bragg's Alley.  Jenn's Court ran back in  an L-shape to Catherine Street.

Whitfeld described the Alley in his "Plymouth and Devonport in Times of War and Peace": 'The condition of "The Cribs" next arrested the attention of the authorities.  These warrens threatened to tumble around the ears of their occupants - persons so repellent that no citizen could enter without certainty of insult.  Bragg's Alley, an infamous spot, once  tenanted by Admirals whom Nelson was accustomed to visit, was now abandoned to corpulency and cracks, and the visitor wandered from court to alley, from alley to square, and from square to passage, until he despaired of escape from these "infernal regions".  Bragg's Alley and its "island" purlieus were extinguished under an Artizans' Dwelling Scheme, which found in Doctor May an ardent enthusiast'.

The only principal building it ever had was the original Zoar Mission Chapel, opened in 1870, but it had a very short life and was  replaced with a brand new building in 1882.

It had no Licensed Landmarks and no retail premises as far as is known.