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Up until 1832 the Plymouth Royal Dockyard, as it was until 1843, was run by a Commissioner of the Dockyard on behalf of the Navy Board in London.  The Victualling Yard was entirely separate and reported to the Victualling Board, which in turn came under the Navy Board.

In 1832 the Navy Board was abolished and everything except the Gun Wharves were brought under the direct control of the Admiralty.  From then onwards, a serving Royal Navy Officer, usually of Rear-Admiral rank, was appointed as Admiral Superintendent of the Dockyard.

The Commissioners were assisted by the Clerk of the Cheque and Storekeeper; the Master Shipwright; the Master Attendant and Boatswain; and the Master Ropemaker.

Commissioners of the Plymouth Dockyard were: Captain Henry Greenhill, appointed December 25th 1691; Captain George Saint Lo, appointed March 26th 1695; Captain William Wright, appointed May 1st 1703; Captain Henry Greenhill, appointed February 1704; Captain William Wright, appointed July 1st 1708; Captain Richard Edwards, appointed June 19th 1711; Captain  Sir William Jumper Kt., appointed November 12 the 1714;  Captain Thomas Swanton, appointed March 30th 1715; Captain Francis Dove, appointed July 23rd 1716; Captain Sir Nicholas Trevanion, appointed April 22nd 1726; Captain Matthew Morris, appointed December 9th 1737; Captain Philip Vanbrugh, appointed January 8th 1738; Captain Sir Frederick Rogers, Bart., appointed October 3rd 1753; Captain Paul Henry Ourry, appointed January 30th 1775; Mr Edward Le Cras, appointed December 1782; Captain Sir John Laforey, Bart., appointed May 6th 1784; Captain Robert Fanshawe, appointed November 13th 1789; Captain William Shield, appointed December 12th 1815; and Captain Charles B H Ross, appointed March 13th 1829.

By An Order in Council dated June 27th 1832 the role of the Commissioner was replaced by an Admiral Superintendent.