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Goschen Yard was the most modern part of the Devonport Royal Dockyard, being started in the late 1950s on the site of Goschen Street, Hamilton Street, Spencer Avenue, and Keyham Quarry.  The area had been destroyed by bombing during the Second World War.

In 1957 the first half of a new Main Electrical Factory was completed there.  When the second phase had been finished in 1963 the Admiral-Superintendent, Vice Admiral G D A Gregory, asked the electricians to name this extension of the Dockyard and they chose Goschen Yard.

The Admiral-Superintendent also officially opened a new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Shop for the Manager, Engineering Department (MED).  This replaced a repair depot that had been opened at the remote former Harrowbeer Airfield, Yelverton, during the Second World War, where engines for the Motor Torpedo Boats, amongst other equipment, were repaired.  The new premises covered 11,000 square feet and cost 65,000.

To these two buildings was added an Apprentices' Training Centre designed by the Ministry of Public Building and Works and constructed by Messrs Staverton Ltd, of Staverton, near Totnes.  It was brought into use in January 1970.  

These facilities now form part of the City College.