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'A large floating dock for Keyham Dockyard has been launched from the yards of Messrs Campbell, Johnson, and Company, at North Woolwich.  The launch was completely successful, and the floating dock was taken across the river and into the basin of Woolwich Dockyard to be fitted with berths for a crew, who will navigate the dock to its destination about a month hence at the risk and expense of the contractors.'  The date of this report in the Western Morning News was Tuesday March 14th 1876.

The dock left the river Thames on Wednesday April 5th 1876 in the charge of Mr Pincombe, on behalf of the contractors, who would hand it over to the Dockyard.  It was at that time expected to arrive at Devonport on Saturday April 8th 1876.

This was followed on Friday April 28th 1876 by the news that: 'The docking-tray, which has been brought around from the Thames, was taken into the lock at Keyham yesterday morning.  The tray, or floating dock, is constructed somewhat after the style of the Bermuda floating dock, and is intended for the reception of vessels requiring repairs.  It is about 120 feet in length and between 30 and 40 feet wide.'

It is not known where in North Yard this Floating Dock was berthed or when it ceased to be used but in 1925 a new Floating Dock was placed in position in Weston Mill Lake as part of the North Yard Extension.