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John Luscombe Rickard was baptised at Stoke Damerel Parish Church on June 23rd 1793, less than a year after George Rickard married Miss Betty Liscombe at the same Church on August 28th 1792.  His middle name was to change between Luscombe, Liscombe and Lipscombe through his lifetime.

Mr Rickard was a highly respected resident of Plymouth-Dock and was one of the Town's Commissioners.  This was fortuitous because he was also the Government contractor for the supply of paving stones for all the Royal Dockyards in the Kingdom.  He constructed the Town Hall, the Mechanics' Institute, and the Column, in Plymouth-Dock and remained the owner of the latter thanks to non-payment of subscriptions.  He built many places of worship in Cornwall and the Eldad Chapel in Plymouth and many of the best private residences in the Town were of his design and workmanship.  At the time of his death erecting anew chapel at Totnes.

His death came very suddenly and dramatically.  On Friday August 5th 1831 he had been to Liskeard to supervise the erection of a house for Mr W Glencross, and was on his way home when he met with an accident.  Mrs Webb, of Liskeard, found him lying in the roadway about three miles the Plymouth side of the Town in a state of insensibility and she arranged for him to be carried to a neighbouring house.  Mr Rickard, a surgeon from Liskeard, attend him speedily and discovered that he had suffered a contusion of the brain over the left eye.  Although he remained in a state of stupor for many hours, when he did recover a little he was unable to recall what had caused the fall.  He was moved to Plymouth-Dock, where Doctor McGrath and Mr Baldy, surgeon, attended upon him but despite 'every application which science could devise' he passed away at about four o'clock on the afternoon of Sunday August 7th 1831.  He was just 38 years of age.

It was said at the time that upwards of two hundred men were thrown into unemployment by his death.

John Luscombe Rickard was buried at Stoke Damerel Parish Church on Friday August 12th 1831, before a large gathering of tradesmen of the Town.

He was survived by a widow and seven children.