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EDWARD WISE (1632-1675)

Edward Wise was born on September 19th 1632 to Thomas Wise, of Mount Wise, Stoke Damerel, and his wife, formerly Miss Mary Chichester, daughter of Viscount Chichester of Carrickfergus.  He was educated at Liskeard Grammar School and afterwards at Trinity College, Cambridge, and Exeter College, Oxford,from which he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1651 and entered the Middle Temple in London.

His first marriage was on March 2nd 1652 to Miss Arabella Saint John, the daughter and co-heir of Lord Oliver Saint John, who gave him two sons and a daughter.  He sat for Okehampton in Cromwell's Parliament, very convenient for the Wise's ancestral property at Sydenham Damerel, in Marystowe.  He was in the local militia in 1659, a lieutenant-colonel of the militia in 1660, and captain of horse in 1666.  He was knighted on April 23rd 1661.  He was not a very active Member of Parliament and was described as a 'poor, weak-willed gentleman' with an indolent and extravagant disposition.  Having inherited the Manor of Stoke Damerel from his late father, he sold it to Sir William Morice in 1667 for 11,600.  It is thought that he did not attend Parliament after 1671, although he did hold an office of commissioner for recusants just before he died.  His first wife, Arabella Wise, died at Marystowe and was buried there on February 24th 1673/74.

On May 25th 1675 he married Miss Radigund Eliot, the daughter of John Eliot, of Port Eliot, Saint German's, Cornwall, but died on November 17th that same year.  Sir Edward was buried at Marystowe.

The remainder of his estates, chiefly Sydenham and Stowford, were inherited by Edmund Tremayne, of Collacombe, Devon, by his marriage on January 28th 1673/74 to Sir Edward's daughter, Arabella.