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The Gloucester Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was located on the north side of Gloucester Street, on the corner with Mooncove Street.  It had schools at the rear for boys, girls and infants.

Worth tells us that the Morice Town Chapel was erected in Gloucester Street in 1811 and enlarged in 1838.  It is said to have cost 4,500 to build.  The first registered meeting took place there on Saturday May 9th 1812.  As usual the congregation soon outgrew the accommodation available and a brand new Chapel was erected in 1887.

In 1893 the Chapel became the head of a new Devonport (Gloucester Street) Circuit and supported the other Chapels in Morice Street, Ford, Saint Budeaux, Torpoint, Antony, and Wilcove.  The Chapels at Keyham and Camel's Head later joined the Circuit.

During the Second World War the Gloucester Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was badly damaged and could not be re-used so the war damage compensation payment was used to fund the new Saint Budeaux Methodist Chapel, which was opened in 1957.