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Chilsworthy Station was opened at 5 miles 31 chains mile post mileage from  Bere Alston Station by the Plymouth, Devonport and South Western Junction Railway Company on June 1st 1909.

The Railway Clearing House "Hand Book of Railway Stations, etc." records that in 1929 there was only one siding at Chilsworthy, that for the Messrs Hill, Westlake and Company Limited's Brick and Tile Works.  It was administered by Gunnislake Station.  Chilsworthy Halt dealt only with passengers and parcels.

From Monday May 5th 1941 until further notice passenger trains departed from Chilsworthy Halt for Bere Alston Station the following times: 7.34am; 10.03 Third Class only; 1.13pm; 4.38pm Third Class only; 6.36pm; with an extra departure on Saturdays only at 9.21pm.  The journey to Bere Alston Station took twenty-seven minutes (although the 6.20pm train managed it in 25 minutes), with stops at Gunnislake Station and Calstock Station.  Two of the trains, as indicated above, were Third Class only; the others conveyed First Class passengers as well.  On Sundays trains departed from Chilsworthy Halt for Bere Alston Station at 8.39am; 11.45am; 6.45pm; and 9.26pm.  Passenger trains left Chilsworthy Halt for Callington Station at the following times: 8.48am Third Class only; 11.18am; 1.24pm Saturdays only; 3.47pm Third Class only; 5.47pm; 7.35pm; with an extra service at 10.32pm on Saturdays only.  The journey took seventeen minutes.  On Sundays passenger trains departed from Chilsworthy Halt for Callington Station at 9.51am; 12.47pm; 7.46pm; 10.45pm.  

Mr E S Tubb, Station Master at Calstock Station, was also temporarily responsible for Chilsworthy Halt in June 1948.

On Weekdays and Sundays, 'where train service permits', commencing on May 1st 1953, the following cheap day return tickets, first and third class, were available from Chilsworthy Halt to: Callington, 1 shillings (s) 9 pence (d) 1st, 1s 2d 3rd; Devonport King's Road, 5s 3d 1st, 3s 6d 3rd; Plymouth Friary Station, 6s 9d 1st, 4s 6d 3rd; Plymouth North Road Station, 5s 9d 1st, 3s 9d 3rd; and Tavistock North, 4s 1st, 2s 9d, 3rd.

A second siding Siding had been added by the 1956 edition of the Hand Book.  At that time it was operated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, through Gunnislake Station.

Chilsworthy Halt was closed on or as from November 7th 1966.