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Number 34060 "25 Squadron" arrives at Tavistock North Station with a passenger train for Plymouth.
Note Tavistock North Signal Box.
From the author's collection..

Tavistock Station was constructed by the Plymouth, Devonport and South Western Junction Railway Company and opened for traffic on June 2nd 1890.

An unidentified member of the LSWR N-class, usually a 318xx, arriving at Tavistock North Station.
Hopefully the disc at chimney level is filthy dirty because if not theni t is showing the headcode for the Callington Branch.
From the author's collection.

In 1914 the bookstall on Tavistock LSWR Station was being run by Messrs W H Smith and Son.

Mr E Callard was Station Master at Tavistock Station in June 1948.  He was also responsible for Brentor Station.

On September 26th 1949 British Railways renamed the Station as Tavistock North to avoid confusion with Tavistock South Station on the former Great Western Railway Company's Launceston Branch, the other side of Town.

On Weekdays and Sundays, 'where train service permits', commencing on May 1st 1953, the following cheap day return tickets, first and third class, were available from Tavistock North Station to: Bere Alston, 2 shillings (s) 6 pence (d) 1st, 1s 8d 3rd; Bere Ferrers, 3s 6d 1st, 2s 3d 3rd; Brentor, 2s 3d 1st, 1s 5d 3rd; Bridestowe, 3s 6d 1st, 2s 3d 3rd; Devonport King's Road Station, 5s 3d 1st, 3s 6d 3rd; Lydford BRSR, 2s 6d 1st, 1s 8d 3rd; Okehampton, 5s 9d 1st, 3s 9d 3rd; Plymouth Friary Station, 6s 1st, 4s 3rd; Plymouth North Road Station, 5s 3d 1st, 3s 6d 3rd; Saint Budeaux Victoria Road, 4s 9d 1st, 3s 3d 3rd; and Tamerton Foliot, 4s 1st, 2s 9d 3rd.  Tickets were valid for return from Devonport King's Road Station, Lydford BRSR Station, Lydford BRWR Station, Plymouth Friary Station, Plymouth North Road Station, Saint Budeaux Victoria Road, by either route.

D831 "Monarch" arrives at Tavistock North Station with the 10.25am Brighton to Plymouth train in October 1964.
Note the tall Up Home Signal in front of Tavistock North Signal Box on the left of the picture.
late C L Caddy/Brian Moseley.

According to the "The Official Hand-book of Station 1956" Tavistock North Station dealt with goods traffic, passengers, parcels, miscellaneous traffic, furniture vans, carriages, motor cars, portable engines and machines on wheels, live stock, horse boxes, prize cattle vans, and carriages and motor cars by passenger or parcels trains.  It was equipped with a crane capable of lifting 10 tons.

Battle of Britain class 34069 "Hawkinge" reverses its pick-up freight train
 out of Tavistock North Goods Yard in May 1963.
late C L Caddy/Brian Moseley.

Tavistock Station was closed to freight traffic on or as from February 28th 1966 and to passenger traffic on or as from May 6th 1968, when the line between Okehampton Station and Devonport Junction Signal Box was closed.